Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Misguided Progressives?

Bankster Chicanery?

I get at least a half dozen emails daily requesting my signature on petitions to persuade Elizabeth Warren to run for president. Either these people know nothing about Elizabeth Warren and the work that she is doing or these petitions are a blatant attempt to derail her effective campaign to reinstate regulations that protect the American people from unscrupulous politics, predatory lenders, and unfair business practices.

Senator Warren has made it very clear that she has no intention of running for president when there is so much more work to be done from the office she presently holds. As president, she would be cut off from the committees, associations, consumer action groups, and would not be able to speak up for the American people against unfair banking and business practices.

She has stated many times that she feels she can do more for America at this time as a Senator than as president. So, I get the feeling that this Run Warren Run activity is bankrolled by the banks who would like to get her off their back.

To the people and organizations who are promoting the Run Warren Run campaign, I ask you to stop it. Put your energy into electing progressive Democrats to every political position on ballots from Maine to California.

Read Senator Warren’s book and learn about her ongoing battle to reign in the banks, corporations and Wall Street. There is so very much to be done that she can do as a Senator and wasting time and energy focusing on a presidential campaign will not help her do her job.

(If you are reading this, Senator Warren, I hope you don’t mind my speaking out for you, but something must be done to stop this Run Warren Run diversion. Your successful efforts on behalf of Americans are desperately needed and I feel these petitions might be intentionally disrupting. - Sincerely, Phil Seymour)

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