Sunday, February 8, 2015

News Stories

That Are Misleading

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Bee visits tiny blue flowers

It seems that Fox news is horrified and outraged that ISIS would burn one prisoner alive. What kind of monstrous, vile, despicable people could do such a thing?

Well, they should take a look at the people right here in our own country who proudly  tortured and burned alive thousands of American citizens. ISIS has a long way to go to achieve the level of brutal viciousness committed by white Christian Americans. Recommended Reading

New guitar

The time arrived for me to get a new guitar. The one I have had since 1978 still plays fairly well and sounds good acoustically, but it isn’t as precise as it used to be and it shows up when it is amplified using a sound hole pickup.

So, I now have another Takamine. It has modern electronics and one can hear all the notes clearly when played. It sounds good with Peggy’s piano playing and with John’s Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. (It would have sounded perfect in the LMP Trio, too.)

Dinner 4.jpg
Lasagna and broc

It was the years of playing in the LMP Trio with Leona and Marian that got me to tighten up my playing to professional standards. I am so grateful to have been part of that trio.

This new Takamine will help me take my guitar playing up another notch in the P&P duo as well as the Phil Seymour Band..

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Blue flower with fly

Do you know people that seem to attract bizarre accidents, like Joe Btfspik ?

Joe Btfspik from Li'l Abner

A load of tomatoes, tires, or chickens falls out of a truck into the path of oncoming traffic. Do you know people who have this stuff happening regularly in their life? I do.

My sister’s life has been a series of one in a million crazy events, so I have grown up knowing someone who attracts freak accidents. She is still cheerful, alive and performing center ring in the Catastrophe Circus. I could write a book just on the couple dozen of her wacky experiences I know about.

Speaking of Cars...

Today’s Video;

What A Trip

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