Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Dooper

Exciting Finish

Superbowl Sunset.jpg
Super sunset

Alright, that should complete my big game superlatives for this year. I am sure that the people with tickets felt they really got their money’s worth of exciting, nail-biting football action no matter which team they supported.

Feb CAl Pic.jpg
Saturday Lassen

The winner of the ATV vs Chromecast review has been determined, but there are some caveats...

I discovered that I had my 1080p TV set excessively sharpened for previous add ons that were 720p devices. The Chromecast device is 1080p and so it unfairly looked grainy when compared to the 2nd generation 720p Apple TV because of the extreme sharpening TV set settings.

Blossoms 4.jpg
Ornamental pear tree blossoming

I got a 3rd generation 1080p ATV and noticed the excessive sharpening made images undesirably harsh and gritty with that, too. I mirrored the MacBook Pro and tuned the picture on the TV to match the qualities of the laptop screen display. Once I got the picture correctly dialed in and looking good, I tried the Chromecast dongle again and it produced much nicer looking images than before.

Leaves Sculpture.jpg
Leaf sculpture at sunset

I am very pleased with the performance of the new 3rd generation Apple TV. It is not affected by fluctuations in my apartment’s electrical field. The 1080p match with my TV is good, too. The new ATV is a keeper.

Bowl Moon 1.jpg
Halftime moonrise

The halftime show was okay once I muted the volume. Autotuned, over-processed voices are not my idea of music. I find that listening to electronically altered singing is as annoying as hearing loud leaf blowers and vacuum cleaners.

Favorite advertisement - The long time technologically challenged Morning TV personalities in the new all electric BMW. 


Flowering Stick.jpg
Flowers on a stick

The new Apple TV is not the only winner of my recent review; There are an additional 2 lucky people who will receive the remaining cable and dish eliminators.

The Chromecast goes to an Android, Google based home, and the 2nd generation Apple TV goes to a home with multiple computers, plus an iPhone with iTunes account.

I will check back with our winners in a week or so to see how they rate their experience and post the results here on Phil’s Place.

Fence 5.jpg
Yellow ‘fence flower’

I think I will try an SSD hard drive in this MacBook Pro to see how a solid state hard drive alters the performance.

I currently have a hybrid hard drive that is part solid state and part revolving disk. I installed it around this time last year. Like a hybrid car, the hybrid hard drive is not particularly good at one type drive or the other, but using both things together it can double the mediocre performance.

Shasta 2.jpg
Saturday Shasta

Well that about wraps up this year’s equipment upgrade and Super Bowl week. Who knows what exciting new tech will be within my reach next year. Stay tuned

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