Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Healing Power

And Magic Of Monday Music

Looking At Blue Glass.jpg
Earth seen in flowerpot

There are times when frustrations and exasperation invade my tranquility and I turn to this journal to vent and rant.

Cacti Shadow.jpg
Casting a colorful shadow

I was reading a story about a Republican lawmaker who asked a doctor if a woman could swallow a camera to get a gynecological exam.

That is troublesome in so many ways that I began railing about the resurgence of abject stupidity in America.

Eventually, choosing the perfect words and phrases engaged my intellect and before long I was writing uplifting thoughts that I am happy to be broadcasting into the universe.

Hula Dancers.jpg
The case of the solar powered floorshow

Erma, (former assistant manager here at the Treehouse), donated a glass case to display the dancing flower collection that is part of the Monday music fest jamboree.

5 years ago when Peggy and I began playing Monday’s we had just one hula girl and a couple of dancing flowers. Now we have a few dozen dancing characters that Monday music lovers have contributed to our collection.

Thank you Erma, that was so thoughtful.

Classy White.jpg
White daffodil

Something very special transpires each Monday at 4:00 pm. Peggy and I tap into the magic that can happen when the right musicians are combined with the right songs.

It is an occasion that some of the residents treasure as much as we do. Each week we are transported to the pleasant dimension that comes with music’s magic.

We live for that feeling. It feeds our hearts and fosters happiness and wellbeing.

Waxing Moon Tonight.jpg
Tonight’s waxing moon

A couple of neighbors don’t quite get it, but they still want to be part of whatever is going on. They have to be told to be quiet because they are disturbing those who are there for the music.

I hope one day they too can experience the magical power of music and that it leaves them speechless.

Today’s Video;

Sometimes Musicians Become Magicians

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