Monday, February 23, 2015

Unreported Or Misconstrued

Warmest Recorded January Ever

Seen near Churn Creek Road in Redding, CA

Did someone forget to tell the corporate media that this January was the worlds warmest January since records have been kept? Oh, that’s right, they have been promoting the fake story that climate change and global warming is caused by the sun.

It turns out that the ‘expert’ quoted and referenced by all the denier media is a paid employee of the oil and coal industry. A chilling report that will get you hot under the collar.

Dandy 3.jpg
Low growing dandylion

I expect cable news to lie. They have an agenda that is often at odds with the truth and will misconstrue, omit, and mislead if reality does not agree with their owners ideology.

Cherry Tree 2.jpg
Blossoms in shadow and sun

If that is news to you, and you watch Fox News faithfully, I understand. You see, Fox News never bothered to tell their viewers that Fox News is mostly entertainment and opinion programming with an occasional dash of verifiable news stories.

Mainstream news becomes complicit in deceiving the public when they repeat and embellish the fake stories without fact checking the made up Fox News reports.

Sunday Shasta 6.jpg
Mount Shasta on this sunny Sunday afternoon

But lets explore some real news and put some healthy facts in our brains. I have a few stories that I enjoyed reading today that I hope you will find enlightening.

Red Ones.jpg
The red ones

First a story about how modern money chasing businessmen have forgotten that our very life depends on the health of the soil that gives life to the food we eat. In India, soil is a sacred part of farming culture. This is the story

Yellow 1.jpg
Flowers bloom in Dottie’s garden

I also was reading today about China. I didn’t know that China has the most robust economy in the world and it is growing at a steady 7% rate. There were many things that I didn’t know about China because the news will only report that China is smoggy. Here is the bigger picture.

Blue Ones.jpg
More color in Dottie’s garden

If you were alive in the United States for the last decade, you have read, heard, and watched local, state, and federal officials denigrate and disrespect our president as part of their daily agenda. You might have come to believe that our president is a tyrannical, ineffectual, Muslim, nazi, African, Hitler, space alien, and whatever else the right wing racist GOP can invent to try and demean the elected leader of our nation.

In case you think I am making this up, here is the timeline and cast of creeps besmirching the character of our President Obama.

Lassen Sunday 4.jpg
Sunday Lassen

Now for something refreshingly pleasant...

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