Friday, July 11, 2008

Hawaii Mars, Guitars, and a Buck Moon

The Hawaii Mars returned today to help fight the Motion fire, I think.

Around 3 o'clock this afternoon I saw what appeared to be the Martin Mars water bomber flying toward Lake Shasta. That would be good news. FEMA had sent it down to Big Sur when it appeared to them it wasn't needed here last Sunday. All heck broke loose on Monday night when the wind fanned the Motion fire into a blazing town eater, burning it's way towards Keswick and Old Shasta. I grabbed my camera, gingerly got into the furnace that my Buick becomes when the temperature is over 100°, and drove up to Shasta dam.

Shasta, Shasta Lake, and Shasta dam 7/10/08

Looking north, it was a picture perfect day, but looking west was the fire and smoke you can see for miles.

Looking west at the northern edge of the Motion fire.
If you look closely on the lower right, you can see what I think is the "Hawaii Mars" heading into the conflagration with it's load of 7,000 gallons of Shasta lake water.

Martin Hawaii Mars water bomber, I think.
There were 4 or 5 large water and retardant planes attacking the fire when I took these pictures around 4pm.

From Keswick Dam Road.
The Buick in this picture reminds me to thank Marian for having the A/C fixed before she gave me this wonderful car. I took my Marshall guitar amplifier out of the trunk the other day and put it in my air conditioned apartment. It's been hot enough in there to cook a brisket of beef. Not so good for electronics.

I played and sang at Lulu's tonight. It was fun. I was happy that John Harrison played guitar with me, our sounds get along.
The guitar player who came by yesterday, though good, doesn't come close to John's sensitivity and style. I look forward to playing as much as possible with John on lead guitar.

When I got home from the Jam, I looked up and the moon was red.

Gibbous, Thunder, or Buck Moon. 7/10/08

The Algonquin Indians called the July moon, "Buck Moon". This was because the antlers on bucks begin to push out of their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur at this time. Other tribes call it, "Thunder Moon", due to the preponderance of thunderstorms in their part of the country. Tonight I call it Red.

From Keswick Dam Road today taken with my cell phone.

From Shasta Dam with cell phone.

Cell phone pic of Shasta dam. 7/10/08
Sometimes at the dinner table, my Dad would ask us kids, "What did you learn in school today?" I would have to say that for tonight, I have learned that nature will continue to keep the forests healthy with lightning sparked fires. I also learned that I won't be forming a band with Darrell any time soon. God made that decision for me by letting Darrell get in a confrontation with Sammie, (She is in charge of the Shasta Blues Society). He was asked to leave the club before I got there, John got scheduled to play with me, and I am once again, living in God's graces. I feel blessed.

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