Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Prime Directive and The Witness Point

The Prime Directive

The prime directive of all lifeforms is to eat and multiply.

"Sure, I'll buzz you tomorrow."
"I'll never forget you."
Whether you are a microbe, a tree, a bug or an owl, natures command is to eat and make more of yourself.
Simple lifeforms divide to make more of themselves.
More sophisticated collections of cells have sex.
Some lifeforms use metamorphosis to change from an eater into another form for sex.

Everything else is designed to help you succeed with eating and sex.

All life is food for other life.
"Gotta make whoopie before something eats you."

"The Witness Point"

The point where the vibrating string touches the nut and bridge.

I think thats
a great and
word to
describe the
place where
touch the

"Yes sir,
this is the
place I seen
leaping off
and onto
the nut."
"How many
would you
say there

I put new strings on my Takamine today.

Ready to string the Takamine with EXP's

Stringing and clipping excess wire

Enraptured with the glorious sound of the EXP's

Recording test of EXP's on Takamine.

What a wonderful result I got from these new strings. My guitar plays and sounds alive.
I will add a few things to this recording and put it on my music page.

I also think this will help make the guitar overdubs sound better on the LMP Trio CD I am still editing. The reason I haven't finished that project is the way the guitar was sounding.

I look forward to playing with these new strings at the Blues Jam.

I am happy, thank you.

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