Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hay Moon and Air Force One

Hay Moon and Air Force 1

Hay Moon, Jupiter and very tiny Saturn

Last night sitting on my balcony, I could see that the Hay/Buck/Thunder Moon was nearly full. The Redding night sky was still smoky from the wildfires, but the moon and Jupiter shown through with a red-orange light. Saturn was visible, but it doesn't seem to be showing in this tiny picture.

It never ceases
to amaze me,
to know that
what we see
is sunlight
back to us
from these

The Moon and Jupiter 7/16/08


This is from the comments section of a story in the Redding Record Searchlight after I read many discouraging words from contentious, politically polarized readers.

Posted by HappyPhil on July 17, 2008 at 10:40 a.m.

I am happy to have been born in this beautiful country, live in this beautiful area, and am glad that our United States have banded together to assist us with our wildfires.
The president, good or bad, has come to town to view the damages as the representative of this compassionate nation. I will go to see that.

AF1 on approach 7/17/08

AF1 flies over me 7/17/08

AF1 7/17/08

AF1 nears touchdown 7/17/08
George Bush came to town today. He and Arnold, the "Governater," are flying around in a helicopter looking at fires as I write this. I think I'll go up to the dam and maybe get a picture of them flying by.
30 minutes later:
I am back with pictures, but not of helicopter.

Shasta Dam 7/17/08

When I got there, I asked a guy if Marine 1 had flown by yet. He said they had just flown across the dam from the lake and off to the west,"about 5 minutes ago."

Looking West 7/17/08

I talked with him for awhile, took these pictures, and came back home to eat some ice cream. I guess I'll make a banana, blueberry sundae and watch the 5 o'clock news when it comes on. Tonight is the blues jam and I'm looking forward to hearing how my new strings will sound.

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