Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Ray Of Divine Sunshine

Daily Word, July 5, 2008
"I am a ray of divine sunshine,
spreading joy in my world today."

Sunset 7/4/08

I took the above picture with my cell phone yesterday and it turned out so good that I sent it to my Evernote program. That was a mistake! I thought it would be a good place to put it at the time. It is a handy program that I sometimes use to put things in that I might need later. I send it text and pictures from my phone. Unfortunately that's where the stuff will stay. It doesn't translate well through my editing and posting process, so I am replacing the pictures another way.While I was there in my notebook, I found another cartoon that I drew for a frivolous product I call, "The golf ball umbrella".

Golf Ball Umbrella

I woke up at the crack of noon today. The sky was once again filled with smoke from the wildfires. These smoky, hazy conditions will probably be the norm for awhile. Yesterday was a pleasant 4th of July with blue skies to frame the day we honor the framers of our democracy/republic. It was interesting to find out that the King of England loaned us the money for weapons and ammunition to fight the British in our revolutionary war! No wonder all of our presidents have been related to The Royal Family, they own us.

I read the Daily Word with my cup of morning coffee in hand, and took it to heart. I put on yesterdays clothes, a pair of flip flops and headed out to spread a little divine sunshine while getting a bear claw at Raley's bakery counter. Once in the car, I received divine inspiration and started driving toward the 99 cent store. For some reason, I ended up on Hilltop Drive instead of I-5, which is the fast way to go. I had that wonderful feeling that I was being directed toward a happy moment.

I was feeling kind of giddy as I drove down the road wondering where I was going to spread my divine sunshine when I saw the sign. Heavenly Donuts! That sign was not there before. Now this was getting interesting. I made a left turn, pulled into the parking lot, and there, right where the Winchell's used to be, was Heavenly Donuts.

I parked the Buick and figured I was supposed to buy some donuts and take them to the Alano club to share. I went to the door and waited as a young couple came out. I recognized them from the crowd at the Thursday Blues Jam. I smiled and said hello. They recognized me and actually beamed as they showered me with compliments about my performances. Wow! I told them how glad I was that they enjoyed my music and how much fun it is to play at the Shasta Blues Society Thursday Jam.

Playing at Lulu's 7/3/08

I went into the donut shop and told the girl behind the counter that I just had to come in to a place called Heavenly Donuts. She smiled and asked me if this was for here or to go. I ended up getting 7 donuts, and as I carried my sack to the car, the young admirers were driving by. We waved and smiled and beamed some more.

I drove on down to the club feeling blessed and thankful. Only 1 person wanted a donut, so I ended up eating six. Good though. Downright Heavenly.

I asked one of my friends there about RAM for my iMac. He said he would check and see what he could find if I would look in my computer to see what I needed. I said I would go examine my computer and bring the information back later at the barbecue.

Earlier in the week I stopped by the store and asked about RAM and they told me I would need 2 chips at $62.50 each. So I was blessed again when I looked up the memory in my computer and found that I only needed one chip to put in an empty slot. That divine ray of sunshine was shining on me today!

I stopped at the library on my way back to the club to return some DVD's and checked out a couple more. A Jet Li/Jackie Chan double feature and Wolf starring Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer. When I got to the club, another friend was there with his guitar. It was nice to sit and hear him sing and play. I sang and played some songs and it felt really good. Later I saw my computer friend and he looked at the numbers I had written and said he is pretty sure he has the chip I need. I was getting hungry watching the people eat the barbecue burgers, so I headed home to make a sandwich with the Black Forest ham I had in the refrigerator.
It tasted divine.

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