Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunshine and a Global Music Project

Good Day Today.

90° in the shade by the river. 7/28 4:30PM

The sky was blue for awhile today. You could see that we have mountains. The air was safe to breathe. Yesterday I took the following picture around sunset.

Mount Lassen 7/27/08
The smoke lifted to reveal this, "Kodak moment", even if I do use an Olympus.

It was the first time in a month that I could see Lassen from the parking lot. It was beautiful, I am glad I can share it.
The day before provided this view of the evening sun...

That evenin' sun goin' down. 7/26/08
The day before this, the smoke was so thick, you couldn't see the sun at all.

You may recall from a blog I wrote last month, that I envision joining with musicians around the world to create music by sending MP3's back and forth and adding parts,(words/music), to songs that we write and record, and hear if the results make us happy. Well, today I recorded part of a song and sent it to a fellow musician/songwriter in the U.K. He sees this as a fun idea too. Stay tuned, it may take a few songs before we figure out the best way to do this, but it's a start.

The control room.

Ready to roll in, "Studio A".
This was not possible until recently. When people would add parts to recordings by people in different cities, it was an expensive proposition. Even though some of us had home recording capability, we all had equipment with different compatibility. Even the big time recording studios had compatibility issues with the size tape and number of tracks their equipment used.

Now we can use anything we have, to record on, and be able to send this music back and forth around the world. We simply convert our recording to an MP3 file and e-mail it! The person receiving the MP3, can then import it into whatever kind of recorder they have, add a part, and send it on to the next musician or back to the first person, or both. I use the word, "person", because I know there are talented men, and women, out there who would enjoy doing this.

I'm not suggesting that we use the low grade type of MP3 that is used for iPods, but the kind that is pretty close to keeping enough information to hear harmonic overtones and the color and timbre of the instruments. There are different grades of MP3's based on the size of the file. The quick, space saving downloads only reproduce 15% of the original information. Our brains fill in the blanks, and over time, who knows what we are actually hearing? Like thinking a big Mac is actually food.

Home Studio and control room. 7/28/08

Writing by the river 7/28/08
It was, "So nice to be outside". Even if I don't plan to use the lyrics I am writing in this picture, I really enjoyed a wildfire smoke free day, today.
My life is blessed.

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