Friday, July 25, 2008

Time Traveling

I've Heard of Dark Days, But...

I woke up and thought all my clocks must be wrong.

Who turned off the sun? 8:45
I stepped out on the balcony and saw a dark, and smoke filled, morning.

The morning dark.
We have had a lot of smoke in the last month because of the wildfires, but this morning is highly unusual.
I had better check outside again.
It's even darker and there doesn't seem to be anyone out and about.
I had better check the news on my computer.
And that's when the mystery was solved.
I looked at the computer clock and it read, 9:16 PM!
I woke up having experienced a nights worth of dreams and figured it was morning.
I had only been asleep for an hour.
It's still last night!

This presents some magical perceptions on my part. To my mind and body, I am time traveling in the past. So now, looking back on this time, I can change the future. "Bwaa, ha ha,ha...the world is mine. I have broken the time barrier."

I have the night of July 24th to live all over again.
I think I will make some food.

Frying Bacon.
Cooking is a pleasure, except for my hernia. I have the computer set on Pandora Free Radio and I am listening to Oscar Peterson, Keith Jarrett, The modern Jazz Quartet, and other music of the same ilk while I alternate between the stove and my comfortable, back and hernia soothing, chair. You can set Pandora to play whatever kind of music you might enjoy, and it will play just what you want for hours on end without commercials or announcers, click on the link above, and create your own radio stations.

Bacon, veggies, taters and eggs.
I am enjoying this time traveling to the night before.
When I passed up a meal before going to bed, I sort of wished I had eaten. With this chance to change the past, I must say that it was really good to eat.

Now that I have my wits about me, I think I will put this picture...

Red Oak w/LMP Trio, and Chrissy on board.

...into the Cd art work for the latest recordings of the LMP Trio. You can listen to a song from this CD at Leona, Marian and I play music from the 20's to the 60's, and help raise money for the restoration of the Red Oak Victory. You can Google Red Oak Victory to learn more about this historical ship.

Good News

California utilities lead the nation in solar power.

New solar plant in southern California.
It's good to know that we are making progress in non-petroleum energy production.
I am glad I had this chance to go back in time. It has been well worth the trip.
Grace is heavenly.

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