Friday, January 23, 2009

All Connected Somehow

It's Elemental

Fun with water and shadow. 1/21/09

To see more of the fountain pictures, click HERE.

Fun with sun, water, and goose droppings. 1/21/09

Thank You Jo Anna.
These are a couple of pictures from an e-mail that my neighbor, Jo Anna sent me.

Eating Healthy Food

Berries on organic cereal in the sunlight. 1/23/09

Since I have been living here in Redding, I have had the opportunity to control what I eat. Whenever possible, I eat healthy food.

I have been avoiding artificial
and highly processed substances that are sold as "food".

My overall health and attitude show dramatic improvement in this past year.

When I eat natural high quality food, my body isn't always hungry for nutrients that are missing from fast food and packaged, processed, genetically modified, products. This means I don't eat as much. This means I don't buy as much. This means that I can afford to pay extra for real food, and still live on my small fixed income.

Other than, "Structural", defects like my damaged spine and the hernia that still hasn't been fixed, I haven't suffered from any illnesses since I have been eating things my body actually uses.

You really are what you eat.

Measuring Atmospheric Temperature
From 1/2 Mile Underground

Fermilab scientist Nike Saoulidou, a member of the MINOS collaboration, with one of the two "horns" that focus the particle beam for the MINOS neutrino experiment. (Credit: Peter Ginter)
I love this stuff.
Scientists doing an experiment measuring neutrinos 1/2 mile underground, discovered a direct relationship with atmospheric temperatures, 20 miles above the earth. They can instantly tell when a weather event known as sudden stratosphere warming is occurring, by the number of muons present. Until now they have had to rely on data from weather balloons and satellites.

They can now study the cosmic radiation records of the last 50 years looking for changes in climate and weather patterns.

The Band Is Selected

Romantic moment at Lu Lu's. (credit: Michael Dillon)
We found a drummer that fits with the rest of us who are slated to play for The Shasta Blues Society Valentines Party. I say we, but in reality it's John Harrison who has been contacting the musicians to play with us. We sounded good on Thursday. There were some other people playing with us, but I could sense that John, (guitar), Mark, (Bass), Dennis, (Drums), and I have good interaction that produces a pleasing, tight sound.

John, Mark, and I will go over some of my songs Wednesday afternoon at Johns Violin Shop. I have a dentist appointment Wednesday morning, so I scheduled our rehearsal for, "Tooth-Hurty".

Good advice I read recently; If life is getting you down, you are taking yourself too seriously.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Skin and Bones -Charlene Kaye
I was looking for the Kinks song, but I couldn't find one with good audio. I saw this artist had a video with the same title and I checked it out. I liked it.
Good imagination and production.

Healthy Spirit

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