Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Art Of Perception

The Way It Looks To Me
Zen Photography

More light, water, and shadow from 1/21/09

Perceptions Alter Electrons

Sunset 1/24/09

Yesterday, I just happened to look out my balcony window and saw some photogenic clouds, lit by the setting sun. "Wow!", sez I, "More pictures."

I picked up the Sanyo VPC-T1060, and began looking at the sky, within and without the camera. I snapped a couple of shots to the west and south, changed the settings and snapped again a few minutes later. I did this until I felt I had captured all this sunset was going to give me, hooked the camera up to the computer, and began looking through what I had shot.

Sunset 1/24/09

I was thrilled by the different views my camera produced of the same sunset.

Sunset 1/24/09

I realized that the color and composition changed with my perceptions as I took the pictures.

I believe in the power of positive thinking, Zen, Quantum Theory, Affirmative Attitude, Happy Thoughts, or whatever you want to call it. I have seen the manifestations of my mind and spirit captured on film, in my songs, and reflected in the world around me, and here was more evidence of how my state of being affects the behavior of the electrons in my digital camera.

Sunset 1/24/09

I went back outside and took more pictures.

Sunset 1/24/09

This time, I didn't change the settings.
I just pointed and snapped the way I saw it.

Sunset 1/24/09

I know some people who wonder why their pictures don't look as good as they want them to.

It's the electrons.

They react to our state of mind.

Sunset 1/24/09

My mind was relaxed and open to God's magnificent display. The electrons felt the same way, and organized themselves into clear images of the glorious sunset as it unfolded here in Redding. On my patio, January 24, 2009.

Sunset 1/24/09

My lens on life shows more beauty,
if I wipe away preconceived expectations.

Writing by the river.

It seems that the most basic truths have many descriptions.

First there is a mountain.

Then there is no mountain.
Then there is.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

First There Is A Mountain -Donovan
Feed The Good Wolf

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