Wednesday, January 7, 2009

As The Electrons Spin

Now, Again

Sundial bridge. Photo from Sanyo VPC-T1060 1/6/09

While I was out yesterday, I took along my Sanyo and Olympus cameras. I tried a lens solution on the Olympus to cover the little pits, or scratches in the lens coating, the other day, and it seemed like good weather to check for results. I used my favorite subject, the Sundial bridge, to shoot the same scenes with the two cameras.

The proof that the Olympus still has desirable qualites for certain situations, is in the pictures. See HERE.

The solution on the lens of the Olympus helped, somewhat, to reduce the appearance of fuzzy gray spots, but they are still there.

Alfred Shaheen
Inventor of the
Hawaiian Shirt
Dead at 86

Hawaiian shirt maker Alfred Shaheen

He opened Shaheen's of Honolulu in 1948 and began designing, printing and producing "aloha" shirts, dresses and other ready-to-wear clothing.

By 1959, the year Hawaii became a state, he had more than 400 employees working for him and was grossing more than $4 million a year as the major player in the islands' garment industry.

Speaking of shirts..
Eat My Shirts

Clothes made of food-Carrot Shirt (See Video)

I was reading an article on severe brain trauma in Scientific American and noticed this video about a Russian chef who makes clothing out of food. You can watch the video by clicking above, or click HERE. This gives a whole new reason to eat your vegetables. I wonder if those clothes are organic?

Low Tech Medicine

Scientists find simple ways to reduce damage from TBI

Traumatic brain injury patients who survive, often suffer from impaired cognitive skills. A recent article in Scientific American, discusses emergency room procedures that can help reduce the long term loss of brain functions.

Cooling the patient helps. "Cooling acts as a brake on cellular metabolism. People who have fallen into icy lakes, for instance, often recover from long periods without breathing because the cold temperatures dramatically decrease the brain’s demand for oxygen."

Cooling also reduces swelling. Even if just one part of our brain is swelling, the whole brain is squashed against the skull, causing damage. The only place a swollen brain can go, is out the small hole at the base of the skull where our brain stem passes through. The pressure on the brain stem causes death.

The technique, used by primitive man, a hole in the skull, can sometimes help. "...surgeons may remove a large flap of bone from the top of the skull so that the brain can expand into a larger space, effectively decompressing the brain and preventing it from crushing itself."

Membrane repair kit. Polyethylene glycol has been used to mechanically mend burst cell membranes, effectively reducing the spread of toxins released by damaged cells. My dad, Raymond B. Seymour, (Google his name for history and publications), would be happy to see that another one of his discoveries in polymer science is being used in medicine.

To read the complete Scientific American article click HERE.

Scam Buster Phil

Seeking the truth, relentlessly.

I sometimes get e-mail that warns me about scary stuff.
"The aliens are making you bald!"
"The democrats are poo poo heads."
"Tap water contains brain eating worms."

Sometimes my friends will forward an e-mail that has them worried.
I try to set their mind at ease by checking it out and letting them know if it is true or false. They know that I will not rest until I know the facts.

Today I got one of those questionable e-mails and I checked it out. It was a warning that someone pretending to be from the phone company will call and asks you to dial 90#, then hang up. The e-mail says that you have just allowed a criminal to make long distance calls on your account, or, if it's your cell phone, they now have access to your personal information and will rob you blind.

The e-mail claimed that they checked out the story at and that it was true. "Really?", I opined, "I think I will go to and see for myself."

I checked it out, and if you are using a 1960's PBX phone system that requires you to dial 9 for an outside line, you could possibly be at risk.

If you have a regular home phone and/or cell phone, don't worry, it's not going to work. (Besides, when was the last time the phone company called to check your phone?)

This e-mail, like a lot of others, has been circulating for about a decade.
I got one that was supposed to be a letter from a marine currently deployed in Iraq, that was on the internet 15 years ago. (It was found to be a fake then, too.)

Dancing Electrons

This is going on everywhere, in everything. Amazing!

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Here There and Everywhere
Love Never Dies

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