Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Hope For Planet Earth

Open Minded

Image from the Hubble

The unique planetary nebula NGC 2818 is nested inside the open star cluster NGC 2818A. Both the cluster and the nebula reside over 10,000 light-years away, in the southern constellation Pyxis (the Compass).
This picture from the Hubble Space Telescope was taken in 2006, but because there are so many images, it is just now being released.
I really enjoy the pictures from the Hubble.
I hope you do too.

Hang Loose

President Obama acknowledged the marching band from Hawaii with the familiar Hawaiian gesture, "Hang Loose", during the inauguration parade last Tuesday.

I noticed that the people announcing the parade for the networks were clueless.
It was better to get the sound from a live streaming internet source.

President Obama signs to Hawaiian Marchers 1/20/09

It's a new day on planet earth.
I am proud to fly the flag again.
I am ready to pitch in and help undo the damage of the last 8 years.

Things Change.
Even In Redding.

Penny postcard from Redding

What's left of the aggregate plant.

Aggregate plant today. 1/20/09

Islamic, Anti-American,
Terrorists since 1776

Islamic Fundamentalist Pirate, Barbary Coast 1800.
I recently read about Thomas Jefferson and the Islamic fundamentalists who declared war on the United States when Jefferson became president. Prior to Jefferson, the United States paid ransoms to the pirates of the Barbary Coast. It seems that the way the Pasha Pirates, read the Koran, they are obligated to make war on all sinners, (Those who are not Muslim.), wherever they are to be found, make slaves of the prisoners, and every Muslim slain in battle is guaranteed a place in paradise.

Of course if the infidels want to pay a ransom, they will make an exception.

They demanded and received ransoms from the European nations who sailed past the Barbary coast. England, France, Spain and the rest, would pay money, or the Muslims, (Who pray 5 times a day), would pillage, rape, and make slaves of the survivors in the name of Allah.

When Thomas Jefferson became our third president, the pasha of Tripoli sent him a notice that he was to pay $250,000 and an additional $25,000 ransom per year to the Islamic nations of the Barbary coast. Jefferson told him what he could do with his request, and the Pasha declared war on America.

Jefferson was a peaceful man, but he created an armed force that would travel by ships to the region, where they would disembark and fight on the land. They came to be known as Marines. They got the nickname, "leathernecks", from wearing hide collars as protection from scimitars that were used to chop off heads in battle. The saber of the marines is patterned after the ceremonial scimitar that was presented by the coastal losers at the end of the war. With the surrender of the Muslims on the coast, we withdrew and didn't finish the job inland. (Sound familiar?)
" the shores of Tripoli."

The lesson that was forgotten is;
You cannot deal reasonably with greedy fundamentalists.

Martian Flatulence

image from Brent Simmons,

Scientists have discovered methane in the atmosphere of Mars.

They speculate that deep underground, something is or was alive.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Classical Gas -Mason Williams
Peace Begins

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