Friday, October 30, 2009

And.......I'm Back

Ta Dah!

Sunset, 10/24/09

The Band In The Garage

John and Mark
We did some recording and rehearsing on Wednesday.

The band plays on. 10/28/09

Waiting For UPS

It seems like a foolish pastime, to wait for anything. It's as though I have decided to waste my moment in the here and now. I have some diversions that I use when I go to the doctor, or DMV, or anywhere that usually will include a wait.

My main weapon against idle moments in a chair, waiting for my “turn”, is a book. I have a book I keep in the car for just such moments. It usually is a paperback adventure/mystery of some sort. I only read it when I am having to wait. Sometimes the book is a page turner, and it only lasts for a few waiting spells. I like that kind. The book has my full attention. My “turn” seems like an interruption.

Sometimes my “waiting” book is dull. In a way that's a good thing, because I would never read it if I had some thing better to do, or another book handy. The dull book will last a long time. Scott Turow, or Pat Conroy come to mind when I think of dull writing. I read their books because they have interesting topics. They just write them dull.

As many of you know, I love to read. I often read 3 or 4 books at the same time. This way I am reading one very interesting book. I am not surprised, anymore, that the books usually cross paths geographically, historically, philosophically, occupationally, or have one or more similar characters.

I don't pick out my books with this in mind. I let them pick me. I may no longer be surprised by this, it has always been this way, but I am thrilled and excited when this synchronicity stuff happens.

Another way with which I erase the frustration of waiting is using the time to figure out the chords, words, or arrangement of the music that plays in my head. If it's a song that I have written, I try different phrasing, or combination of instruments, or work on the background vocal parts, (background vocals are particularly fun because you get to change the people singing and the harmonies are affected by the qualities of each different singers' voice). If it's a song that I have heard by someone else, I can just listen and enjoy, or I can change the key and the style to hear how it would sound when I sing and play it.

Sometimes, the time to wait, will be somewhere that cries out to be photographed. I consider these times to be a gift. I always keep a camera with me, just in case.

Today I am waiting for the UPS truck to see if my modem has arrived, I hear him now. I shall go see.

Yep, sure enough, my modem is here. When I went to the mailboxes to get it, I was reminded by the group of ladies out front, that we are having a Halloween party today. I said I would come and sing a couple of songs.

I got the package, addressed to “Phillip”. It reminded me of other places where mail would find me. I used to get mail addressed to “Phil”, with just the city I lived in. No street, zip code, or state! I may not be surprised by this, but I am thrilled and excited when it happens.

Now, if I can tear myself away from this exercise in productive and entertaining use of waiting, I will hook up the new modem and get back on line.

New Modem

No problem, so far...

So far, so good

Now to follow the next step...

A quick phone call should put me in touch with someone in India, who will help me get this all properly configured.

After a few robot
voices, I reached someone named Ian, who was very helpful.


Back in the high speed internet world. 10/30/09

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Back In The Saddle Again - Gene Autry


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