Friday, October 23, 2009

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I was wandering around
, following links, like a quantum leaper popping in an out of different universes, and found a few places I would like to share with you.

I remember experiencing this. From

Autumn Leaves

Changing leaves on a Treehouse Apartments tree.

The first of the trees
are changing colors here in Redding. Like a flock of phoenix, the deciduous trees set themselves on fire each Fall, to be reborn in the spring. It is quite the Kodak time of year around here, and I am prepared to snap away at natures' brightly colored displays as they appear.

Water Wars

What is the best way to save our rivers?

There are a number
of debates, plans, and proposals regarding California's water resources and how best to use them. Since these plans and schemes are put forth by people, they tend to put people first and nature second. This is, of course, the reason we are in a water crisis, in the first place. Somewhere, (the Bible), we got the insane idea that we could use the natural resources anyway we wanted, to suit ourselves. This is an ill-conceived idea.

Here, in Northern California, where most of the states water comes from, we are experiencing the effects of water wasting activities, first hand. No Salmon!

Where Does It Go?

If we are to secure
our future water supply and save our fish in California, we have to move the livestock business to a state with a wetter climate.

Big Universe
Everything Is Important

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