Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where Ever or When Ever

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Saturn on August 11, 2009

Close up of Saturn. NASA/JPL

Today's public figures can no longer write their own speeches or books, and there is some evidence that they can't read them either.
- Gore Vidal

Aries I-X

Big. Really Big. The Aries I-X rocket is scheduled for launch on Tuesday. It is taller than the Statue of Liberty. Look at the little bitty fuel truck just in front of the tractor that is carrying the rocket. This rocket is taller than the ones that took astronauts to the moon. It should be fun to watch the test. You can watch it, and lots of other NASA videos, HERE.

New Place For Video

I found this new place to upload my videos when I was reading an email from Playing For Change. It's called, Vimeo. Let me know what you think.

Give The World For X-mas

I thought this was neat, until I saw it cost $19.95!

Page Turner

I couldn't stop reading this last night.

Rough Country - John Sandford

If you have read
any of the, "Virgil Flowers", books, you know what I mean when I say; "Once you pick it up and start reading, you cant put it down."

If you haven't read
John Sandford novels before, this book will whet your appetite for more.

I found this at

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Soldier Boy - The Shirelles

Peace For God's Sake

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