Saturday, October 3, 2009

View From The Shore

Deep Space

Image - ESA and the SPIRE consortium

These images are of cold gas, 60° from the Galactic Center, in the constellation of the Southern Cross, thousands of light years from earth.

The gases are illuminated by the light of thousands of stars being born. This is so awesome to contemplate, it takes my breath away.

Hi-Res images from the Herschel HERE

These observations are not possible from the ground.
Image - ESA and the PACS consortium

"Ours is a tireless Galaxy constantly forging new generations of stars."

A Good Morning

It came to me around 4:30 AM. I was thinking about memory loss and how I can easily accept losing some memories, but some, I would like to have always.
A song was in there, somewhere, if I didn't go back to sleep and forget it.
I got up and wrote
down the "hook". That's the idea on which you hang all the parts of the song.
I hear it as a Merle Haggard type of song/rhythm/melody.

It goes something like this...

Each day I wake up in a strange house
Where all the people know my name
Where the clothing seems to fit me
And some things sort of look the same

I'm getting used to the forgetting
And not knowing who I'm talking to
But, girl I'm so afraid of losing
These sweet memories of you

Pretty soon it started
to get light outside, so I picked up my camera and stepped out onto the balcony to see the sun rise over Mount Lassen.

The next thing I knew, I was outside taking pictures of the roses waking up.

Good Stuff

October Three
Trees and Fleas.
Leaves and Galaxies.

Ants and Power Plants.
Comets and Genes.
Mountains and Seas.

Ewes and Me's.
God Made It All.
Thanks For The Present.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Morgenstimmung - Peer Gynt

By Any Other Name

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