Sunday, October 18, 2009

How Much?

Go Figure

80 cents worth of raspberries, 15 cents worth of banana.

If there are 30 raspberries
in a 2.99 package, thats 10 cents per berry! I hadn't thought to look at my breakfast in that way before. From now on I will savor each berry with a new appreciation of it's worth.

Going Batty

Caribbean fruit bat

Ready for a cute closeup.

This bat looks
about as cute to me, as most little yappy dogs. Whats not to love? According to Animal Of The Day, these cute little creatures smell like soap.

Typically, the animal
of the day people have a crummy little picture to illustrate their article, so I went to Google images and got a better look. While I was looking at bat pictures, I found an informative and comprehensive website, dedicated to bats. HERE. The site by Scott Pedersen, is the the best bat site I have seen, so far.

Stirring Up The Loonies

One lump or two? "Don't tax the rich!" ????????

Cable "news", and "Talk Radio"
, hosts have devolved into manipulative media. They compete for control of the illiterate and under-educated masses by appealing to their visceral nature.

CNN uses fear.

Fox News Corporation* uses anger.

Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck use childish behavior.

I imagine they compete
to see what crazy stunt they can get people to do next.

I think they should be ashamed
of themselves for taking advantage of the weak minded.

*When Fox was challenged for misrepresenting facts in the news, a spokesman insisted that they were not a news organization, but simply commenting on the news.

Go Facetiousness

The humor here was lost on the, "Fox Faithful".

Here In Redding

The Phil Seymour Band At Shasta Mall 10/17/09

These are screenshots from the video of us playing yesterday at the mall. Dennis played the drums for our second show, but I don't have any pictures of him. I think I will have to get someone to take pictures, video, and monitor the audio recording when we play. I am getting real good at knowing what needs to be done, and what will work best, but I sometimes forget my optimum technical set up and recording techniques when I am preparing to perform. Once I am playing, the audio/video/photography stuff is not what I am thinking of.

We shared the stage with the Doug Godwin Band and he provided the sound equipment. He had one of those new hand size digital recorders, so I didn't record from the PA line out to the MacBook like I had planned. I should have stuck with the plan and combined the 2 different recordings. The sound on the video camera is distorted like I expected, and I failed to set the Olympus digital voice recorder far enough from the stage to overcome its sensitive auto level/compressor feature, so it too sounds strange.

I guess I will take the extra time to set up all my recording equipment in the future.
Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Heaven's Door - The Phil Seymour Band

Happy To Be Here

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