Monday, April 14, 2014

Good Morning

Lunar Eclipse Tonight

Apr 14 Moon.jpg
Moon on the 13th of April

The nearly full moon, image above, was taken from my balcony last night. If my calculations are correct, and the skies are fairly clear tonight I should be able to photograph the full blood moon eclipse from right outside my door.

Poppies Please.jpg
California poppies

The flowers are blooming and birds are busy as we see life returning to the world this spring. The yearly cycle for most of us living in the temperate zones is a beautiful reminder of how life on earth is renewed by the rhythms of the seasons.

Mock Warning.jpg
Handsome bird seeks mate

The males of mated mockingbird pairs are being kept busy trying to keep the bachelors off of their gal. They are not always successful. They vocalize their anger and frustration at the indignity of it all. The females don’t always complain.

Postcard Whiskeytown View.jpg
Whiskeytown Lake on Palm Sunday

We had a rehearsal at Mark’s house yesterday. John, Mark and I ran through some of our songs to determine how they will sound with the three of us. Most all worked fine and I feel confident that we will be entertaining and sound good at the Shasta Lake Damboree on May 3rd.

Mark lives close to Whiskeytown lake so I took the opportunity to get some pictures at the lake while I was out that way.

Old Shasta Park.jpg
Shasta City park

The town of Old Shasta is on the road to Whiskeytown Lake, so I stopped and took a few pictures there. John lives in that town.

Bird Of P.jpg
Bird of paradise

The neighboring bird of paradise flowers needed a bit of cosmetic improvement to bring out their inner beauty. What a great time and place to be a photographer.

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