Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lucky To Be Alive

Aren’t We All?

Breakfast Berries

I happened to see “I Am Lucky To Be Alive” as a headline on a supermarket tabloid while standing in line at the store today. I thought to myself, (while thinking, oneself is usually the only one who is listening), “Everybody is lucky to be alive”.

Shasta Bolly w snow.jpg
A dusting of snow on Shasta Bolly

Today was a good day to be alive. Actually, everyday is a good day to be alive when you think about it.

The sun was out after a few days of rain. The birds were singing, flowers were flowering, and butterflies were fluttering.

Under Wing 50%.jpg
Proboscis shining in the sunlight

I took a lot of pictures today and narrowed the pile of Wednesday observations down to about 30 edited images. They wouldn’t all fit on one blogpost, so I put them HERE on Flickr for your enjoyment.

Do The Scroll.jpg
Newly carved scroll

I went to John Harrison’s violin shop today. He was starting to make the neck for his latest violin. One of the special touches that master violin makers like to add to their instruments are scrolls that appear to be alive with movement. This is one of those.

Nu Carved Scroll.jpg
Scroll with some of the tools used to carve it

Today I found the perfect rolling pin at the perfect price and I wasn’t really looking to purchase a rolling pin today. I was actually looking to buy a new pair of pants, but they weren’t on the clearance rack, yet.

Shasta Cloud.jpg
Shasta ‘peaking’ from behind a cloud

While walking along an aisle leading to the mens clothing section, I strolled right by the displays of kitchen spatulas, pizza cutters, rolling pins and...wait! I think I should look at how much they want for these things. A clearance sale price on a non stick rolling pin, that coincidentally is the same amount that the pants will cost, if they were on the clearance rack. My lucky day…

Every day is my lucky day, but starting today, I can make my own pie crusts with organic ingredients.

Big B of P.jpg
Bird of paradise after the rain

What an exciting and adventurous Wednesday. While at the shop, John and I worked on improving arrangements on songs that needed tidying up. The new version of “No Water” is beginning to take shape and dimension as we carve away the unneeded notes and duplications. This opens the music and mind of the listener, making the soundscape as big as a river valley surrounded by forests and hills.

Hazy Crescent.jpg
Crescent moon on Wednesday night

Today’s Relatively Fitting Video;

Kindness Is Priceless

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