Sunday, March 30, 2014

Global Swindlers

After Ukraine Resources

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Rainy Day Rose

The IMF is poised to offer $27 billion dollars to help stabilize Ukraine’s economy. $18b over the next 2 years with the rest coming later. Of course there are some stipulations that will make it nearly impossible for them to ever manage to pay back all the money. This is how the World Bank, World Trade Organization, and the International Monetary Fund have been gobbling up the world, country by country, for over 40 years. (Read - Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man) I think it is still in print.

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Stuck inside the bush

There is a followup book written by 12 more people involved in the manipulation and exploitation of other countries resources and economies; A Game As Old As Empire: The Secret World of Economic Hit Men and the Web of Global Corruption

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Glowing in Dorothy’s garden

The people of Ukraine are going to find out first hand how the people of Greece and Spain feel since the IMF got those countries in it’s ever tightening grip. “...Ukrainian households will pay for the IMF’s $27 billion package with higher gas prices, elimination of gas subsidies, government job and wage cuts, and big pension payment reductions.”  From todays Common Dreams article by Jack Rasmus

Okay, got that lump of coal out of the old gizzard. On with the show.

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Pie 27 meets French vanilla

It is pleasantly stormy here in Redding. The rain is welcome and the windy conditions Friday night added drama and sweeping crescendos to the soundtrack.

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Happy hydrangea

Some of the cars I have seen for sale, have the word ‘Salvage’ on the title. Those cars are offered for a lot less than comparable cars with ‘Clear’ titles. They have been damaged in some way that caused an insurance company to determine the car was ‘totaled’. Salvage title cars are not considered to be a good investment, and dealers won’t accept them as trade-ins.

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Bird of Paradise on Saturday

Friday, John and I rewrote one of my older songs to bring it into compliance with the other material that we have written. I wrote it about the 1993 flood in Carmel Valley, but with a few word changes, it can apply to any major rain event. We gave it a different lead up to the cadence, and it sounds fresh while keeping some traditional blues elements.

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