Friday, March 21, 2014

When Things Work

As Advertized

I think it is safe to say that we all harbor some small doubt when seeking a satisfying outcome in our daily endeavors. At least, I know that I do.

Bright Butterfly.jpg
Glowing in the sunlight

That possibility of an unfulfilled outcome is the very reason for contingency plans.

The experience that brought me great joy today?

Raley’s pharmacy refilled my prescription just like pharmacies are supposed to.

That was a good thing, and it was just the first of a series of fulfilled desires.

Blossoms and Lassen.jpg
View from the Treehouse

My favorite vegetable lasagna, (Michael Angelo’s), that had been missing for 6 weeks, was once again on the shelf in the frozen food section. Elena, Raley’s most cheerful checker, saw me coming down the aisle and said, “Come this way Phil, my lane is open”. That was nice.

Colorful Rose.jpg
Colorful Treehouse Patio Rose

When I left the store, I drove around to the back and got a wonderful picture of Mount Shasta...the dinner was good, the night is young, and I am glad I can share a little happiness with you. Life is good.

Friday Shasta.jpg
Shasta from behind Raley’s

There was a petition guy out in front of the market who wanted signatures supporting the idea of stopping Southern California from getting ‘our’ water. I wasn’t aware that ‘we’ owned the water, so I didn’t sign the petition. At least not until I have a deed to the water in Shasta and Trinity lakes with my name on it.

Bee Tongue.jpg
Bee tongue

I like attempting pictures of tiny things, like the tongue of the bee in the image above. I like capturing the majesty of mountains, too. One of the subjects that give me satisfying results, are flowers. Like this royal iris, below.

Royal Iris.jpg
Iris in Dottie’s garden

My Buick is back from having the transmission repaired. Once again, it works.

Today’s Video;

Be Nice To Your Mother Nature

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