Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Albert

It’s Pi Day, Too

Sharp Pi.jpg
Pie 25 on Pi Day

Einstein’s birthday and 3.14 were on the same day this year. I was surprised that I didn’t see any other people celebrating this auspicious mathematical occurrence. I guess it slipped their minds.

Afternoon Lassen.jpg
Pi Day afternoon Lassen

It was a beautiful day in Redding. I went out looking for the elusive, perfect car at a price I could possibly afford. John Harrison drove us around to different cars and lots with cars. It was good to have him with me on this journey; He knows the lingo.

Purple 16x9.jpg
Leila’s new, purple, Pi Day flowers

I didn’t find any cars better than my Le Sabre, that were under $12,000 dollars. Anything under $6,000 had at least 190,000 miles on the odometer, and the interiors were nowhere near as nice as the Buick. I will keep looking.

Late Day Moon.jpg
Near sunset moon on Pi Day

When I Googled, (looked up), Albert Einstein to find a good link for you to go to for more information, I found THIS ONE which has one of the new domains, “.biz”. That’s the first one I have seen. There are a whole bunch, (1,000 or more), new dot somethings to choose from this year.

Heart On Rose.jpg
Rose with a heart

Yes, I know the heart is upside down, but I haven’t found a rose with a right side up heart, yet. I considered using one of the effect apps to flip the heart, but then it wouldn’t be authentic. If I were to manipulate a heart onto a rose, I would draw a prettier heart than this one. This rose with a heart is the real deal. No flim-flammery required.

Shadow Play Lassen.jpg
Shadow play on Lassen

So, there you have it; Pi Day and Einstein’s birthday greetings to all. There is still a bit more than an hour left to celebrate, in case you are reading this at the time it arrives for email subscribers.

3.14 Moon.jpg
3.14 moon tonight

You might be glad to know that I had two pieces of today’s Pie on Pi Day. I ate the second piece after dinner, the first having been a test slice shortly after taking the pie out of the oven earlier. So, in case you don’t have an opportunity to eat a piece of this Pi Pie, please imagine that I ate the second triangle for you. I like to share.

Today’s Video;

Big History

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