Thursday, March 6, 2014

Flowers Grow

Mushrooms Expand

Shelter for diminutive travelers

As usual, I take a few pictures to document the magical process of life unfolding around me. This has become more than a passing interest, and is now an important feature of my quest for further enlightenment.

Fairy Tears.jpg
Fairyland raindrops

We are stardust. About 93% of our mass is stardust. The remaining mass is bigbangdust; Hydrogen. The physics explained in a way that a child can understand.

Local crooner, (Caruso)

To get good pictures I use ISO 80 to obtain data density. Higer ISO settings force the processor to approximate what an image might look like if there was more light coming through the lens.

I prefer the results of the lowest possible ISO setting.

Color Of Rain.jpg
Colored by rain

I do some enhancements and alterations during post production on some of the pictures. These enhancements are much more effective when there is proper data density in the image.

Wet Red.jpg
Wet red

There is a difference between standards and prejudice. These viewpoints are similar to the difference between qualifications and opinions. Higher standards usually mean higher quality.

Just a random thought that this collection of stardust is applying to current observations.

Purple Rain.jpg
Gull floats in purple haze

Today’s images were all taken Wednesday with the Lumix FZ35, ISO set on 80.

Prettiest Pink.jpg
Study of wet pink

Today’s Video Presentation;

The Truth Will Set You Free

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