Monday, March 3, 2014

Loving The Rain

It’s A Good Thing

Mushroom 1.jpg
Newly arrived mushroom

On Sunday, mushrooms began appearing in fungus friendly spots around the Treehouse grounds. During a lull in the rain I took a few pictures of the changes that moisture can bring.

Sparkle Drops.jpg
Happy groundcover

Grasses and other plant life on the ground, seemed invigorated by the falling rain. Colors and sparkles brought a smile to the photographer and pleasant shades of green to the camera.

Mushrooms 2.jpg
Mushrooms 2

Today was the Monday Jamboree. It was nice to see those residents that felt the music was worth a brief trip in the rain from their building to the dining room.

Peggy was in good form on the piano, today, and I particularly enjoyed the physical transformation that occurs when the story of a song colors the way I sing it. To top it off, Jackie produced a zucchini, walnut cake with ice cream for an after the music treat.

Pink and Purple Flowers.jpg
A lot of these flowers were enjoying the rain

A new item in my daily activities; I am looking for a car that is newer, and more economical than my Buick. It is interesting to explore the world of late model, lightly used cars. There are many variables.

I am just at the beginning of the learning curve for this process, but as I become more familiar with the subject, I will be sure to find some entertaining ways to share my experiences with you.

Mushrooms 3.jpg
Another type of mushroom

An electric car is the most reliable, and would be extremely practical when gasoline powered cars soon become too expensive to operate. 

I don’t expect the era of ICE vehicles to be ending until ten years from now, but electric cars are the vehicle that will still be useful in the future. Maybe Elon Musk would like me to be a long term tester for one of his Teslas.

In the meantime I am looking for a gas sipping, dependable, slightly used car.

Stages of Treedom.jpg
Between stages

Like I said, the search for better transportation is an interesting venture for me to research, and I plan to be prepared for “The Car” when it appears. This is exciting.

Pink Flower.jpg
Color appearing in Dottie’s garden

Stay tuned…

Today’s Video;

Getting A Charge Out Of Life

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