Saturday, March 8, 2014

That Time Again

The Clocks Need Changing

Breakfast 5 days.jpg
Breakfast will still look like this

Living here and now, in the 21st century, most of the ‘clocks’ change themselves, but I still have a few old fashioned types that require manual adjustment. They are the ones that keep time even if the power is out.

Red Headed Finch?.jpg
This bird wakes and sleeps by earth time

There is a new movie version of “Annie”. If it is half as good as the trailer, it’s going to be a great movie. It stars Quvenzhane´ Wallis as Annie. That’s a good thing.

RAW Shasta copy.jpg
Shasta on Friday

There is a new iPhone case called Wello, that, like the ‘Tricorder’ used in Star Trek, can monitor blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, temperature, lung function, and more. Coincidentally, I just read the latest Robin Cook novel “Cell”, about a fictitious, personal physician App for iPhones called iDoc. Go figure?

Morning Butterfly.jpg
Saturday morning butterfly

I woke up this morning, (and that was a good thing), put on some clothes and stepped out onto the balcony to greet the day. There were blossoms, sunlight, birds, bees, and a butterfly. Nice way to start the day.

Flicker camouflage

I am looking for the perfect car, at the perfect price, to replace my 1995 Buick Le Sabre. I am sure it will appear at the perfect time and everyone involved will be thrilled and happy, (including the person who finds the Buick is the perfect car they are looking for).

RAW Yellow copy.jpg
An image that you can feel

Experimenting with RAW pictures. These are images that bypass the ‘in camera processing’ that happens when using the JPEG setting. Some of my RAW experiments are extremely impressive, like the yellow flower above.

I can almost reach into the picture and touch the leaves and petals. The weight and texture feel real to me. I will see how this prints out as a note card, later this evening.

Daylight Leaving.jpg
Friday sunset

I am glad I took a sunset picture last night. Today has become too cloudy to produce sunset picture conditions.

Don’t forget to set your old fashioned clocks forward one hour for Daylight Savings Time.

Today’s Video;

Like Clockwork

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