Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rain Arrives On Tuesday

As Forecast(ed)

Sparkle Rain on Red.jpg
Raindrops add sparkle to flower pictures

One of the fun things about writing this blog is looking at words and wondering should it be this way or that way.

Fraternals Raindrops.jpg
Today’s wet look

I do get the chance to look up some words to determine if I remember them correctly as representing one idea or another. It's very simple with the computer.

How they looked on Monday

Tonight, I have included photographs from Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. That sentence in itself is an example of what I mean by looking up to see how these things are supposed to go.  Put in the extra comma behind Monday or not?

M B 2.jpg
Treehouse butterfly, Monday

Actually, whether to put the comma after Monday in, “Sunday, Monday and Tuesday”, is up to the person doing the writing. That's good to know.

Paradise Bird.jpg
Growing in a backyard outside the Treehouse grounds

The quest for a newer car continues. I have seen a couple of possibilities that upon a closer look were not in good shape. The search goes on.

Not Caruso.jpg
A different mockingbird, (not Caruso)

I've been seeing a lot of new birds in our neighborhood. They've been sort of drifting in, over the last month or so. Some of them seem to enjoy my company. That's nice.

Lotsa Yellow.jpg
I have forgotten what these colorful flowers are called

There is an interesting sign posted out in front of Trader Joe's regarding the sidewalk solicitors outside the doors. I should've taken a picture. Maybe next time.

Up Front White Iris.jpg
Iris family portrait

Basically it stated that Trader Joe's doesn't encourage or support the people that are petitioning or gathering signatures out in front.They advised that we should feel free to ignore them when entering and exiting the store.

Purple Iris's.jpg
Relatives living across the path

I think the sign worked. The people collecting signatures for petitions were gone.

Rich Wet Circus.jpg
Wet circus rose along the driveway

When I have examined some of the the petitions closely, they don’t seem to be about issues actually being legislated, but instead are designed to get people to write down their names, addresses, and phone numbers. The people collecting the signatures aren’t always from around here, either. Signers beware.

Today’s Video;

All Life Matters

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Margaret said...

Great video. What perfect sounds, music, for mushrooms. Calm, stable and magical (an overused word).
A contemplation, meditation.
Thank you.

After thought: when one is referring
to people it is best to use "who" rather than "that."