Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Yesterday Now

Today Tomorrow

Afternoon Moon.jpg
Monday afternoon moon

The confusion is of my own making. You see, I edited and prepared a set of pictures to appear in yesterday’s blog posting, but instead of writing and publishing the post, I chose to spend my time on other pursuits.

Lit RAW Pink.jpg
Pink rose from RAW image

That left me with a set of images that, in my current timeline, are now out of date.

Some of the flowers, and assuredly, the mountains and moon have been photographed in the more recent, ‘now’, that I am calling, “today”. I will use some of those images tomorrow.

Daylight Savings Shasta.jpg
Mount Shasta, Monday after 5

It is a matter of perspective of course. These images from yesterday do not exist for you, the reader, until this moment when you are seeing them. And, to further distort time, they won't be ‘yesterday’s pictures’ when you see them, either. They will be from Monday.

Squirrel On Trunk.jpg
Squirrel watching something intensely

Last night, (which for tonights purposes was Monday), anyway, last night I watched some of the “Wake Up To Climate Change” event where concerned United States Senators spoke on the Senate floor throughout the night. If you, like me, wanted to know which of our Senators are intelligently informed about the catastrophic consequences of burning fossil fuels, this was an excellent opportunity to find out.

Early Iris.jpg
First iris blooms in C building planter

It was refreshing to watch elected officials who had the educational background and vocabulary to articulately express the need for immediate reduction of oil, coal, and gas production if we want a livable earth for future generations.

Snow On Flow.jpg
Snow on the lava flow

No Republicans were there to express an interest in the future. They were over at Fox news denying science and calling our president a dictator in mom jeans, (whatever that is supposed to mean).

Today’s Video;

Earth - There Is No Substitute

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