Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dilly Dallying Stops

Buick Provokes Action

Tiny Transmission Lines.jpg
Tiny Transmission Lines

Speaking of transmission; The one that delivers power from the engine to the front wheels of the Buick became the big decider in my search for a newer car.


I admit that I was not aggressively pursuing a newer car while the Buick was running smoothly and starting with dependability, so the cosmic flow had to sweep me out into the sea of possibilities. The Buick began making a new noise.

So Beautiful.jpg
Red beauty

I brought it into Mike Cary’s Tire and Auto Repair to find out what was making the new sound. I thought it might be a belt or something.

Pure White.jpg

Not a belt, and just in case I wasn’t getting the message, the transmission stopped transmitting while I was there at the shop. “There’s your sign”

Pretty Rose.jpg
Picture of sunny day

The transmission place was notified and they sent a truck to tow the Le Sabre over to Hartnell Transmission, Inc., where they can diagnose the difficulty.

This leaves me afoot and ready to seek a newer vehicle with renewed vigor.

Lassen Park.jpg
Snow on Lassen Volcanic Park

Just last week, John Harrison was telling me how much he enjoys haggling for the best deal when buying a car. I welcome his expertise in negotiating a fair price for my newer car.

Also Pie 24.jpg
Pie 24

So that’s the plan.
My Buick is at the transmission place, and I will know more tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned...

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