Sunday, March 2, 2014

For The Birds

Flights Of Fancy

Yippee Flying.jpg
“Hey, Look I’m Flying”

Every so often, I spend some time finding out who the players are in world affairs, what they are attempting to accomplish, why they think it is important to be top banana, and how their antics will affect the lives of everyday people.

Flicker pecking for snacks

Not all the players are narcissistic sociopaths, but the most successful seem to be. The need to dominate others to bolster one’s self esteem appears to be a common motivation among the world’s dictators, potentates, drug lords, financiers, generals, presidents and billionaire industrialists.

One of our resident doves

It would be nice if they didn’t need to use people as pawns and planet earth as their battle field. Using board games, they could carry on and challenge each other for world domination to their hearts content without causing harm and havoc.

Maybe all we need for world peace is a big padded cell filled with the power hungry, and a bunch of checkerboards.

Tiny Songbird.jpg
This guy sings softly with a sweet lilting style

These bird pictures were taken today between the rain events. It was nice to get out and enjoy this wonderful world I am fortunate enough to be part of.

Goose and Girders.jpg
Railroad bridge over the Sacramento river

There were birds of all sorts, down at the river. It was great to be watching them and taking a few pictures. Finding inner peace is especially easy along the river.

Turkey Vultures.jpg
Turkey vultures

It was ‘make a pie day’ at Phil’s Place, Saturday, and this is the 22nd apple pie. I thought there should be a document of this momentous occasion. So, with the FZ8 on a tripod, and pushing the button to start the movie, I made a pie making video.

Greebs on the water

Of course a pie making video demands a pie making soundtrack, so I used the acoustic/electric bass, and Yamaha keyboard to put a few tracks together.
With some stereo effects to create the feeling of motion when mixed down, it sounds and works better than expected. What a nice surprise.

Another Flicker.jpg
Another flicker at the Treehouse

Today’s Cooking Video;

All In Good Taste

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