Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Who Knew?

1,000th Phil’s Place Posting

Little Hazy Shasta.jpg
Mount Shasta

I can now realize how much I have put into this little journal. It started out to be just a few stories, like I was writing in letters to Marian. Here we are, 7 years and 1,000 entries later.

I call him Caruso

It was/is also a place where I can store recollections of interesting moments from my past in what is turning out to be an interesting and eclectic journey toward enlightenment.

Centemundi fishing spot on Shasta Lake

I soon discovered that I could add pictures and video’s. This was a revelation. If the subject was Thomas Edison, I could include his picture, and possibly an appropriately relative video.

Pie 21.jpg
Pie 21

Then, I learned to film, score, and upload my own videos. This prompted an interest in better cameras which focused my attention on better photography and learning more about the subjects in the pix and videos I produce.

Resting Hummingbird.jpg
Resting hummingbird

The need for interesting topics and useful information led to discovering the valuable treasures hidden in the clamor of commerce, sleaze, and ignorance that permeates the interweb.

Pretty Circus Rose.jpg
Pretty ‘circus’ rose

I have learned to navigate the sulphuric miasma of cyberspace, and how to avoid the ever present shoals of malignant mayhem and simplistic conspiracies. I know where to find real information on topics of history, space, art, music, science, biology and much, much, more.

Lassen In A Good light.jpg
Mount Lassen

This little journal has opened a portal of discovery and a stimulus to my intellectual and spiritual quest for knowledge.

I hope you can accompany me as we continue adding to this collection of artifacts and curiosities. So far, we have explored everything from how to peel a banana, to the vertical analysis of the Gospels as compared with Homer’s Odyssey.  

If nothing else, you might enjoy my photography.

Today’s Video;

Well Seasoned

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