Sunday, February 2, 2014

Groundhog Day

Iemanya Day, Too

On Iron Mountain Road

Iemanya is the Mother Goddess of all fish. In Brazil, and on the coasts of the Americas, people offer gifts to her as she waits in the oceans with her arms spread wide to accept them.

Also, on this day in the United States they celebrate the Super Bowl, (The exception to this would be some California households that only celebrate the Super Bowl when the Raiders, or 49er’s, are in the game).

Robins at Keswick Lake

On this Sunday, I took the Buick out for a drive to help keep the battery charged. Evidently going to the store and back every couple of days is not enough to counteract some component that drains the battery and eventually I have to jump start it.

It was pleasant to drive today because, for some reason, there was very little traffic.

Setting sun at Whiskeytown lake

I got a letter last month from Geico insurance. They thought I was not putting in the correct number of miles for a year of driving. Their computer told them that the California average for miles driven in a year was 18,000, and I stated on my forms that I drive less than 5,000.

They intended to use the 18,000 mile figure on my account, raise my premium, and fine me for fibbing. They provided a form for me to fill out and return.

Whiskeytown lake

They had a space in which I could put my current odometer reading, and a box in which I could write my revised estimate based on the miles driven since the previous year.

When I compared the two odometer readings, I realized that I had guesstimated wrong. I don’t drive less than 5,000 miles per year. I wrote my new estimated miles for the coming year, (now correctly adjusted to less than 3,000 miles), and mailed the return form back to Geico.

Maybe my premiums will be lower on my next bill.

Whiskeytown lake

I got to Whiskeytown lake just in time for the magic of sunset. It is such a beautiful lake, I end up taking many pictures in the hopes that a few will convey the feeling of being there.

The sun sinks behind the mountains

I headed back into Redding with a plan to stop at Trader Joe’s to get organic milk and Nature's Path Heritage Flakes, ($2.99 at Trader Joe’s, Nature's Path cereals are $4.25 at Raley’s). When I stepped outside to take my groceries to the Buick, the sunset was still putting on a spectacular show.

Sunset at Trader Joe’s

The angle and elevation of the store on Hilltop allowed me to see the sunset again. What a treat. I love this place.

I tried a zoom shot next, and it turned out just like it looked. What a super Sunday.

Sunset from Trader Joe’s Parking lot

During the ride home on Hilltop Drive, I got to watch the rest of the sunset above the town of Redding, below. Great stuff.

Today’s Educational Video;

Rekindling Reverence

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Margaret said...

Beautiful blog, peaceful blog.
Thank you for sharing your day with water and sun and sky and trees.