Friday, February 7, 2014

A Bit Of Rain Today

More On The Way

Birdie looks at the camera

Farm Bill gives a trillion dollars to industrial farming, cuts food stamps for poor people. Sportsmen’s Heritage Act and Public Lands Bill open protected wilderness areas to unregulated logging, mining, and oil extraction. What a deal!

Keswick reservoir

A burger takes 660 gallons of water to make.

How much water for a pound of beef? 1,799 gallons.
A pound of goat? 127 gallons

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Cactus bunny

It’s safe to drink the W. Virginia Freedom Water, again, (according to the same trustworthy officials who said it was safe to drink before, when it wasn’t). Just don’t breathe the freedom water fumes. Kids get sick, school closes.


The good news? The rain in Redding is expected to continue, off and on, for the next couple of weeks. In addition, Southern California officials announced they have enough stored water to make it through the next year, even if drought conditions continue.

Colorful cactus nursery

Occasional rain showers tap dance on the newly renovated roof over my head. I thank the winds of fortune that brought me here where I can be of service to my community, pursue the arts, and travel the path of enlightenment. I love this place.

Glass galaxy ball

If one considers that most of the agriculture in the San Joaquin valley is for livestock feed, and only a small amount of the ‘farms’ grow ‘people food’, then it should be easy to see how not eating meat at every meal, would free up plenty of water, without the expense and ecological damages that new dams, pipelines, and De-Sal would cause.

Today’s 1898 Santa Video;

Be Kind Be Happy

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Margaret said...

Good posting Phil,
The one link I went to was informative, and included the opportunity to take action, thanks for including it.
I especially like the Keswick reservoir pic which made a point: we do live on a beautiful planet,let's take care of it.
To go without eating meat at every meal is a reasonable practice and will make a difference. We all can do that much.