Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Band Plays On

Writing Life’s Soundtrack

Knothole bird

How convenient. I can sing any of the songs I have written, and it is just like being there, (and then), whenever that may have been.

One white rose

This comes in handy in case I forget how it felt to downhill ski, ride the desert wind in a land sailer, or any of the adventures I have experienced that made it into a musical time capsule. I sing the song and I am there.

Shasta from 2nd floor stairwell

I can relive the heartbreaking sadness of dealing with endings of romances, misadventures, and lost lives. Playing and singing the songs can transport me to those specific times when my emotions were so powerful that I set aside my anguish in poetry and music.

I call him, ‘Fluffy’

Love found, love in bloom, lust, all consuming passion and the wonderful people who shared those experiences, come to life in the now when I sing the songs they inspired.

Dean’s latest rose

I know just how rich my life is as a result of contributions by exceptional people, animals, places, and graces that populate my world. I am the most fortunate me on the planet.

Mt Lassen late sun, Saturday

I can write, play, sing, and photograph my way through life as it happens and experience those times in the future by paying and singing that song.

Saturday sunset with palm

Intensity of revisiting heartaches can vary. That’s a good thing.

Today’s Video;

Joyfully Enhanced Appreciation Of Life

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