Sunday, February 9, 2014

Still Raining

Songs Are Played By Rain and Wind

Saturday showers

My cozy abode is a familiar instrument, inside of which I live.

The rain drums, plucks, and strums while the wind blows and bows.

Good start to any day

But those are just the basic sounds of the core section of the orchestral array.

There are dozens of additional instruments, like downspouts, windows, railings, trees, light fixtures, sidewalks, vehicles, traffic, trains, and sirens, that expand the range of the rain sound symphony.

Daffodil almost unfurled

Meanwhile, it’s a great time to read books.

There seem to be 2 methods that authors use to get us interested in reading their book.

One method is obvious, but quite effective;

The author will use techniques that appeal to what already interests readers. A car chase, a walk into a scary situation, a fall off a cliff or cliff hanger. A popular event with a twist that has you identifying with a character, or group of character types.

Closer look at the ingredients

Then there are the other ones like this book I am currently reading;

There are enough details and interesting circumstances to get me to invest some time to see if it will be come more interesting as the story develops. Those are harder to write, but once you have learned to care about a character, or characters, you have learned the language of the author.

This usually occurs within 30 to 50 pages, or the book goes back on the shelf to await another try, (it could happen).

Robin in the rain

I reached that point in ‘After Shock’ by Andrew Vachss where I was finally drawn into the story to the degree that I am anxious to read what happens next. I had put the book down to get a cup of coffee from the kitchen, but the story was still going in my head, so I thought, “I wonder what chapter I am on, or page number?” It was page 29.

I enjoyed every bite

I took a few pictures yesterday and today. Some became note cards, suitable for framing, others are helping to illustrate this post.

Later this Sunday, after I sleep and begin my day with another breakfast similar to the one pictured, I will see what sort of weather will be setting the tone for the day’s photos.

Oh yeah, the Jefferson State Blues Society Sunday Jam resumes, too. Most of the Phil Seymour Band will be there to start things off. E.J., the drummer won't be there, but maybe Mike Brown will get a chance to play with us. It will be fun, and good music either way.

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