Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sunshine Monday

Rain Returns Tuesday Night

Blossoms in morning sun

Monday morning opened with sunshine, some blossoms opened on the tree by the balcony, too. It was a very pleasant pause between waves of storm systems making their way across the northstate as they stream towards lands to the east.

Morning sun on aloe

The next rain is expected to return sometime Tuesday night and continue through Sunday. It is certainly welcome. I liked the clean air and freshly washed look of potential photo subjects as I wandered around the Treehouse in the warm sunshine.

Tiny blue flowers enjoyed the sunshine

I saw a spot of purple in one of Dorothy’s garden plots, so I walked over to see what it could be. I had to be careful where I planted my feet so I wouldn’t crush the little blue flowers that were scattered throughout the ground cover greenery.

I got up close to the eye catching purple thing. Is was an iris. First one of the year.

Early iris in Dorothy’s garden

What a pleasant, and colorful surprise. I heard Brandi saying hello from up on Jo Anna’s balcony. Hi Brandi.

The view is reflected in Brandi’s eyes

The raven/crows were excited to have the sunlight and they could hardly contain their exuberance. They were the trombones in a symphony of birdsong that filled the landscape as far as the ear could hear. Alive. Life was radiating and pulsing in every life-form from microbes to mammals.

Bouncing off to bury an acorn

Sunday night, the Phil Seymour Band opened the Jefferson State Blues Society Jam. We had Sarah Pappenheim as our drummer. It is always a pleasure to have her play with us. We introduced a few new songs with good results. Good stuff, this music playing and singing pastime.

Magnolias are still blooming

Today was the Monday jamboree, here at the Treehouse. Peggy Richardson plays piano and I sing and play guitar. We make some entertaining adventures out of a broad range of musical selections. Today we introduced a couple of songs we played for the first time together; It’s All In The Game”, and “The Night Life”. They turned out to be ‘keepers’.

What a joy it is to be able to play and sing many different styles of music.

Tonight’s moon

I took some pictures of the moon and jupiter tonight, but cloudy conditions made it difficult to get both objects in focus, or even to be seen. If I allowed enough light to see jupiter, the moon would flare and become an undefined circle. Still, I like the hazy moody moon images.

Today’s Video;

Expanding Perspectives

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