Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day

Love To Be Loved

All grown up

The first daffodil to appear this year has blossomed. How appropriate.

You may have followed its development here on this blog. If you are here at the Treehouse, you may have nearly stepped on it as you walk around to the back of ‘A’ Building, ( ‘A’, stands for alder).

By the balcony

Today is Valentines Day. A day to embrace love in all its splendor.

There are many kinds of love, and if we are lucky, we can know a few of them.

I love loving, and the warmth of being loved.

Waterproof succulent and rain globes

When I enlarge the succulent image, and look into the largest rain globe, I can see the back corner of ‘A’ Building, the sky, and some of the hedges and trees along the sidewalk. I can even see the garden hose wound up on its reel by the faucet. I love looking closely at raindrops. Does the rain globe in the image know it is loved?

Daffodils appearing in Dorothy’s garden, too

Zooming the daffodil image, above, I can clearly see a mosquito using the flower petal as shelter from the rain. I love this photography stuff. I think it shows.

If I am feeling the love of my place in the wonder of the cosmos, the pictures I take tend to contain some of that love. I know this because those are the pictures that move people to say something about how the image touches them.

Wood eater

I love to sing love songs. Most music is based on love of at least one sort or another.

In John’s shop kitchen

Love found
Love lost
Love in bloom
Faded love
Crazy love
Everlasting love
Love thy neighbor but, (Biblically), not thy neighbor’s wife
Love is sweet
Love can be bitter
Love can heal
Love can hurt
Love conquers all

I had better wrap this up while it is still Valentines Day

Today’s Video;

Love From Me To You

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