Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Post Presidents Day

Back On Track

Normal breakfast

I don’t know about you, but those strenuous, exciting, traditional Presidents Day Gettysburg Address recital competitions and Cherry Tree Chop Down contests sure do wear a guy out.

Bee “winging it”

I think I better start training earlier for the 50 mile hike, too.

Roses return

It’s good to be here where it’s just a regular Tuesday. I wonder what themed 3 day weekend is scheduled next? I had better look it up so I will have set out the appropriate decorations for that weekend.

Pie #19

Next Monday is Museums Advocacy Day. I wonder what decorations Kmart will have on sale for us to honor museums? I am sure everyone will get the day off, so they can go on their towns museum tour.

Sundown on Presidents Day

I would set up a diorama on the balcony depicting the grand opening of Redding’s first salmon fishing museum, but I expect I will be busy mixing a recording of PSB playing at The Post Office Saloon and Grill on the 21st, and playing music Monday at the Treehouse Jamboree.

Presidents night moon

Today’s Video Presentation;

Enjoying Everyday Splendors

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