Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Up The Road

And Back Again

Circus Family.jpg
Rare morning picture of driveway rose family

The crack of noon seems to me like a civilized time to awaken, but sometimes it is necessary to rise earlier in the day to meet a schedule. So it was on Monday that I was up in time to photograph the morning light on a few flowers before heading off to Oregon.

Flame Tulip.jpg
Flame tulip at Klamath river rest area

My eye had an appointment to keep at 1:00p in Medford. My friend and neighbor Margaret volunteered to accompany me and drive us back.

Dilated pupils would have made the drive home difficult and dangerous to myself and others had I been behind the wheel. Thank you Margaret.

Shasta Tree Border.jpg
Mt Shasta from a different POV

It was a beautiful day for traveling. We even had time to stop in Ashland and take a walk in Lithia park. Ashland is different now from when I lived there in the 1970’s. It is very pretty, just crowded and impersonal when compared to an earlier, less hectic decade.

Joe's Coat 3.jpg
Joseph’s coat rose

My eye exam was informative and productive. Dr. Rinkoff showed me digitized, multi-dimensional images of my eye and zoomed inside the retinal layers to show exactly how the damages can be repaired. 

He is also a photographer and we discussed various details pertaining to our personal experiences with cameras, printers, Mac computers and digital imagery.

Mournful Duskywing 2.jpg
Mournful Duskywing butterfly

Getting back to the business of repairing my puffed up retina bubble, (used to be a wrinkle), and macular hole, we set a time for surgery in June. It would have been today, Wednesday, but I hadn’t had a physical within the last 30 days. So, between his schedule and mine...June it is.

He has a pleasant staff who worked with smooth efficiency while personally guiding me through the various eye tests.

Electric Pie.jpg
Latest simple apple pie

All the different test results were sent to the computer in the final exam room where Dr. Rinkoff could diagnose, display and explain what was happening inside my eye and what could be done to fix it. I feel more comfortable about eye surgery, now.

My thanks to all who made my trip to Oregon possible, productive, and pleasurable.

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