Saturday, April 26, 2014

Things That Are Askew

Might Simply Be Listing

Great Big Beautiful Rose.jpg
Great big beautiful rose

I had a little extra free time today, so I have been surfing the waves of information that ebb and flow on the internet. From a few favorite beaches that I comb, I am happy to share a few bits and pieces that you too might find interesting.

Worn Wings.jpg
Bee after 200 miles (note wing wear and tear)

Here was an item on Think Progress about kids allowances that I saw when reading some stories at Crooks and Liars. What I double-taked on was this; “One study found that boys spent just 2.1 hours a week on chores and made $48 on average, while girls put in 2.7 hours to make $45.” I thought those were allowance totals per year. I had to read that again.
What kind of chores only add up to a little over two hours a week? It took me an hour or two just to mow the lawn. For that and doing other chores I got 25 - 50 cents a week.

Happy To Be Seen.jpg
Happy rose on a partly sunny Friday

Want to know why many people, including myself, really like Senator Elizabeth Warren? This article at Daily Kos, sums up the progressive changes that this intelligent and assertive Senator has made toward giving us all a fighting chance.

Sunshine and Roses.jpg
Sun on rose Friday

The reason for the free time - occasional rain showers, cool temps (60) and the fact that the Farmers Market had packed up and left by the time I got to City Hall, (3:30p), made photographing vendors packing up their Whole Earth and Watershed Festival booths in the rain less than attractive to me. I settled for returning books and checking out new ones at the library.

Morning glory cloudy day.jpg
Opportunistic morning glory

Another failure at new and improved site design; Weather Underground, once the most complete and informative weather site bar none has redesigned itself into an unusable form. Goodbye my old trusty friend.

Meanwhile, that entertaining, fun filled, ‘should I wear a sweater or a jacket’ site, Swackett, has been adding some great features and I can still see the forecast in their usual entertaining graphic style. Hello again Swackett.

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