Friday, May 2, 2014

Musical Month

Of May

Multi Hue Yellow c.jpg
Ruddy Yellow Rose

May is starting out with plenty of music. John and I have been polishing the songs for the Shasta Damboree on May 3. That will be fun. I like playing outdoors in parks, We will play as a trio with bass player Mark Mlcoch in Shasta Lake City as part of s day long event featuring a parade, a caravan of classic cars to the lake, and more. Damboree Promo

Older Bird Of Paradise.jpg
Bird of Paradise getting older

Sunday the whole Phil Seymour Band has a final complete rehearsal for our return engagement at the Post Office Saloon and Grill on Friday May 9.

Lassen in gap.jpg
Lassen Peak

On Monday it’s Peggy Richardson and I playing at the Treehouse Monday Music Jamboree. I love being able to sing and play various styles and intensities and Peggy’s piano stylings add something special to the standards and pop tunes that we play as P&P.

Rose And Buick.jpg
Red rose with Buick LeSabre background

I tried using a smaller pie tin so I could have more dough to put on the top. The experiment was a success and the pie is very tasty.

Best TJ's Crust Pie So Far.jpg
Using Trader Joe’s rolled frozen pie dough

I prefer making my own dough, but that is not always possible, so I sometimes use the next best thing. Rolled up rolled out frozen pie dough from Trader Joe’s.

Yesterdays Rosebud.jpg
A day earlier this was a rosebud

The days have been warm here in Redding and flowers are growing fast. It is great to see life unfolding all around the north state. I am lucky to be living here at this time.

It Was This Big C.jpg
“It was this big” - photo credit Margaret Miller

I appreciate the pictures that my friend Margaret takes of P&P and The Phil Seymour Band. She has a good eye and her pictures allow me to make calculated performance modifications based on what I observe in those photos and videos.

Though I have been singing and performing for more than 60 years, I feel like I am just getting started. That is a good thing.

Today’s Video;

The World Of Music

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