Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Modern Age Has Arrived

And I'm Glad

Lilies A Poppin’

This post will be my first attempt at writing the blog from my iPhone

Rose In The Sun.jpg
Sun Lights Rose

I may even learn how to add pictures right from the phone. But for now I’ll just do the text by speaking into my iPhone and, (unless otherwise noted), use the Panasonic Lumix FZ 35 for the blog photos.

Mornin Lily.jpg
Morning Lily

I have a pie in the oven which should be done in about two minutes. This time I'm using real Granny Smith organic apples. Last time I used golden delicious and they don't make as good of a pie. We shall see if this is better.

Young Harrison Magic Violin.jpg
New Harrison violin corpus

I was reminded of a couple of things while I was out today. What a treat it is to see and photograph a master violin maker creating classical style violins in his shop. Thank you John.


Another thing has to do with how some drivers wait until they are executing a turn before using the turn signals. Somehow the meaning of the word ‘signal’ is not being fully comprehended. However, I do appreciate their effort to be courteous.

Fence Lily.jpg
Fence Lily

While out taking pictures in the 89° afternoon, I noticed that it was pleasant when the wind was blowing and I was in the shade. My natural evaporative cooling system was getting a boost from the breeze. Life is amazing. We all get a front row seat in the greatest show on earth.

Today’s pie ( iPhone Pic )

The pie turned out to be delicious. All is well.

I want to wish Marian and her son Alan a safe and scenic trip to Arizona. There are so many fascinating sights and memorable landmarks throughout the southwest that add extra enjoyment to desert traveling.

Today’s Video;

Imagine Burma Shave Signs Along The Highway

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