Friday, May 23, 2014

I have Traveled

Approximately 40,434,000,000 Miles

B Day Phil.jpg
Smilin’ 69 year old

So has everyone on their 69th. We travel 585,000,000 miles each year that we orbit the sun. Think of how many miles redwood trees traveled before we chopped them down to make decks, fences and picnic tables out of them.

Birthday Breakfast.jpg
Birthday breakfast

I had a wonderful birthday day. I really appreciate the unparalleled value of living another year in this wonderland of conscious existence.

B Day Shasta.jpg
Shasta on my birthday

Friends, neighbors and family from far and near wrapped me in warm wishes and good tidings. I am a lucky man.

B Day Lassen.jpg
Lassen on May 21

I got a call from my brother Jerry in Houston. It was just about sunset here and I was enjoying the view from the Treehouse patio as we spoke.

Patio View When Jerry Called.jpg
My view as we spoke (iPhone photo)

Jerry was sitting on his patio admiring the fountain he is constructing in his Texas backyard. We took pictures with our iPhones. What a world!

Jerry’s iPhone photo

It was a nice day. I played music, visited friends and neighbors, and enjoyed every moment.

Birthday Dinner.jpg
B-Day vegetable lasagna dinner

I stopped in Raley’s and picked up my free birthday half dozen cupcakes. Kept one and put the rest on the counter in the Treehouse dining room. The frosting was chocolate mousse. One cupcake was plenty for me.

Today’s Video;

Thankful For The Present

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