Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Aha Moment

Inner Happiness In Redding

Postcard From The Bridge.jpg
Postcard view from Sundial Bridge

This afternoon, (Tuesday), I went to the aha moment mobile studio and spoke about how living in Redding has been instrumental in tuning into my inner happiness.

The ahamoment mobile studio trailer

They had a nice setup inside the airstream. The production crew were pleasant and knew their trade. I liked the experience and admired their studio and equipment.

Wildflowers 3.jpg
Wildflowers by the aha trailer

We had to pause recording a couple of times to let the studio cool down. While taping, the fans and A/C had to be turned off. The exhaust fan on the equipment came on when the equipment got too warm.

Small Gaggle.jpg
Geese cooling off in the Sacramento river

If they do use my aha moment, it will be interesting to see if the editor uses pieces from the different versions I did when I did extra takes because of fan noise or airplanes flying overhead, (Yes you could hear them inside the trailer inspite of the acoustic foam baffled interior).

Looking For Shirt.jpg
“Can you see Billy’s shirt over there on the other side?”

There was a guy taking pictures of the bridge and these two kids came up and asked what he was taking pictures of. Really. I thought perhaps one had lost his shirt and they wondered if they might look through the lens to find it.

I love this place.

Moon and Saturn.jpg
Saturn and Moon

The night sky held it’s own aha moment with Saturn appearing close to the full Moon.

Looks Full To Me.jpg
Full Flower Moon

Aha! It is now a new day and it is time, 12:20am, to get ready for bed.

I hope you had a happy day filled with inspirational aha moments, and if not, there is always now. As you may already know, now is the present.

Today’s Video;

Living Happily

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