Monday, May 12, 2014

Mom's Day

Or Night As The Case May Be

Cascade Theater.jpg
Cascade Theater Friday night

I have 13 min left before midnight, so I had better get moving while it still is Mother’s Day.

The Phil Seymour Band had a good time playing on Friday at the Post Office Saloon. The band sounded good and everybody was happy we were there.

We thought the crowd might be a bit thin since Stephen Stills was playing around the corner at the Cascade, but we had a room full. It was a good night for music in Redding.

Bright Color Awnings.jpg
Bright colored awnings cheer up Placer Street shops

I took a few pictures before we started. It was a windy, but very pleasant evening.

I call him “Lumpy”

Most of the day Saturday was spent listening to the recording of Friday’s performance.

I did take a few breaks to snap a picture or 2. The dove family was out by the dog playpen. Dad was on the fence while mom and the youngster were scratching and pecking in the grass. The dad, I call him Lumpy, didn’t seem to think I was a threat, so I got some nice pix of the family.

Lumpy's Kids.jpg
Baby dove takes a look at me without fear

It was a good day for Lassen pictures. There were designer clouds adding good light and shadow to deep blue colors.

Saturday Lassen.jpg
Saturday afternoon Lassen

The clouds were looming over our surrounding mountains, but overhead the skies were clear and blue. The sunlight on some of the driveway roses was exceptional for photography.

Roses Along The Driveway.jpg
Roses along the Treehouse driveway

What a place for enjoying the splendor and magic of this world we are lucky enough to live in. After a few hours of mixing and editing recordings, I looked outside and there was Mars in the night sky just left of the Moon.

Moon and Mars.jpg
Mars and Moon

I took many pix of our satellite and the planet, but I thought the one above would be the most fun to see on this blog.

M Day Breakfast.jpg
Traditional Mother’s Day Breakfast

Yesterday I read a couple of my previous Mother’s Day blogposts and noticed that each had a picture of fresh fruit and cereal. It was fun reading the research results found regarding the day in May when we honor our mothers. You can find those posts HERE, or just use the blog search feature box on the upper left of this page.

One of the surprising things about this blog is who is reading it. I initially wrote these posts for friends and family who like to read and see how I am doing. It is also a journal to record events I have experienced throughout the years with the intention of someday writing a book. Over the years people around the world have let me know they read this blog. That is fun to know.

Last week, I got an invitation/comment from the ahamoment video production team to come to their traveling studio this Tuesday to film me describing my ‘aha’ moment(s). That was certainly an interesting surprise. I wonder which aha moment will come to mind at the time?

M day Moon Big.jpg
Tonight’s Mother’s Day Moon

Today’s Video;

Wild Wonderful World

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