Thursday, April 17, 2014

It Was An Awesome Eclipse

The Next One Is October 8th

Eclipse Fog.jpg
Blood moon eclipse April 14-15

I took many pictures of the eclipse from the sidewalk just below my apartment until the earths shadow covered the moon. Then I went back upstairs to the comfort of furniture and food.

Later that night, I took a few more pix from my balcony of the blood moon. It was a good thing I did. It was amazing.

Blood Moon batch 2.jpg
Blood moon and star Spica

If you had a chance to see this weeks eclipse you will understand when I describe the silence and awareness of the vastness of space while seeing our moon so clearly one could sense it’s body and weight. The reality of our moon was palpable and, (were my arms 250,000 miles long), it felt like I could reach out and touch that cold, battered ball of rock.

Best Daisy.jpg
Looks like a big daisy

The north state landscape is pulsing with energy as spring releases the sleeping power of nature in all it’s glory. The flowers are growing, blooming and developing so fast, that I have been taking pictures of flowers that change from closed buds to open petals in the same day.

April Patio Beckons.jpg
Roses decorate the Treehouse patio

Tonight was make a new pie night. I got some packaged flour about a week ago that I have been wanting to try. It is from Bob’s Red Mill. I got it at our local health food outlet where I got my last bulk pie dough test flour.

New Pie.jpg
Tonight’s apple pie

I have to say that I really enjoy making and eating my own homemade pies. There are no two alike so having apple pie is always different due to the choice of apples and the nature of the crust. I can’t imagine how I ever settled for store bought factory pies.

Shasta T 2 no branch.jpg
Mount Shasta this Thursday evening

I hope you are stopping to smell the roses and enjoying spring wherever you may be.

For those who are still experiencing winter conditions, you may want to figure out a way to save some of the cold to provide relief during heat waves later this year.

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