Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Observation Day

Here On Planet Earth

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Morningglory Easter Afternoon

I read this observation today and had to pass it on. It is a response to the 70% of Americans who, when asked if they ascribed to the big bang theory of how the universe began, said they don’t believe the science. The article includes some strong language and justifiable disdain for those people who proudly exhibit their willful ignorance.

“Show me some bloody data or just admit that you don't know.” - Daily Kos blog by LaFeminista

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Josephs coat lining

Here is something I recently observed on PBS;

If you haven’t been watching the 3 part series, “Your Inner Fish”, this would be a good time to start. All three parts can be watched on at your convenience, using your computer, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and probably android devices as well. That is the beauty of the internet.

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You can almost smell the fragrance

Your Inner Fish explains with data and facts, how our bodies evolved bone by bone, organ by organ, from our fish ancestors that lived 400,000,000 years ago. Neil Shubin, paleontologist, takes us through our long journey of development with 3 well produced, CGI enhanced videos. Be amazed, entertained, informed and get to know your inner fish, reptile and primate origins like the back of your hand.

Look closely and see a tiny occupant

Today is/was Earth Day. Here in Redding there are events and activities all week long to bring awareness and focus on appreciating and protecting the only planet we have.

The first Earth Day was in 1970. Millions of Americans from all walks of life joined together to promote awareness and respect for our home. There were 2 Earth Days that year.

John McConnell proposed a day to honor the Earth and the concept of peace, to first be celebrated on March 21, 1970, the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. This day of nature's equipoise was later sanctioned in a Proclamation written by McConnell and signed by Secretary General U Thant at the United Nations.

One month later Senator Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day as an environmental teach-in on April 22, 1970.

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One of Dean Crumpacker’s roses behind B building

This Saturday there will be the Whole Earth and Watershed Festival to share environmental  awareness with those in attendance. It is fun and people can learn to be aware that we all live in this only world we’ve got. There are vendors, information booths, musicians, activities for kids, demonstrations, and more.

I remember they had a kids climbing wall that I pictured on this blog in 2011

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Another outstanding individual at the Treehouse

Every day is earth day for all life as we know it. That figures because this is the only place that we can live. Be kind to your mother and your mother earth. They gave you life.

Today’s Video;

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