Friday, June 13, 2014

Fortune Smiles

The Eyes Have It

Fake Cows.jpg
Frozen In Time - Sculpted Cows

Sometimes a small macular hole will heal itself. My friend and artist George Bleich had one of those.

In most cases, surgery is required to correct this physical condition. In my case, the work was skillfully done by Dr. Rinkoff of The Retina Care Center.

Honey Moon Ashland.jpg
Honey Moon over Ashland June 10

The vitrectomy took place in Ashland, Oregon at Ashland Community Hospital. Nice place. Nice staff. Experienced operating room team.

Dr Rinkoff Post Op.jpg
Dr. Rinkoff post surgery (photo - Sandi Taylor)

Surgery took about an hour. Afterward, Dr. Rinkoff gave me a rundown on what to do to provide the best results while healing. I would see him the following morning for a post op exam before heading back to Redding.

Water Fowl.jpg
Ducks at Lithia Park

After a post surgery rest, a short visit to Lithia Park was very refreshing. The Shakespeare theater season was in full swing and cheerfully dressed tourists decorated the sidewalks and cafes.

Sandi Taylor accompanied me on the trip. Her cheerful assistance and driving were a big part of what made my surgery possible. Thank you Sandi.

Red Dragonfly.jpg
Red Dragonfly at the duck pond

There was a post op exam at Dr Rinkoff’s Medford office and it was back to Redding with Sandi at the wheel. The drive was pleasant and scenic.

Shasta Long View.jpg
Mt Shasta viewed from the north

Since I was a passenger, I was free  to take pictures. 

You may have seen a picture or two of Shasta from my first trip to Dr. Rinkoff in Medford. Margaret Miller was kind enough to drive that time. 

I am fortunate to have some very nice people in my life.

Passing By.jpg
Riding by Mt Shasta

Today’s Somewhat Relative Video;

Gas Bubble Adventure

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